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Acupuncture Pain Management
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102 Browning Lane Building A, Suite1B

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. South Jersey

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Acupuncture Pain Management:

Treadmills and other machines

Back, Sciatic, And Neck Pain

Acupuncture triggers the release of endorphins, natural painkilling compounds in the brain it also affects neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers that help brain cells communicate. The human body is alerted when the acupuncture procedure takes place and in turn produces endorphins and anti-inflammatory chemicals in the blood stream to counteract the needle insertion.






                    Hip, Knee & Ankle pain  

         Walking is important for living a healthy undisturbed life style.  Trauma is often the cause of   hip pain, but any source of inflammation may  cause pain in the Hip, Knee & Ankle.     
    Pain is one of the symptoms of inflammation, along with swelling, warmth, and redness; together these are signals that a problem may exist



            Shoulder, Elbow and Joint Pain



The shoulder is the most mobile joint in
the body The ball, called the humerus, joins
with the socket, known as the scapula. Unfortunately for many young athletes and elderly, the shoulder can also be the source  of several types of injury
 – from a dislocated shoulder to a torn rotator cuff tendon.    


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