Cosmetic Acupuncture

What can one expect from Cosmetic Acupuncture?

 Acupuncture can reduce wrinkles, eliminate fine lines, lift sagging skin and improve skin color and texture.  The effects can last up to three months and with regular maintenance have a long lasting effect.  

How does the acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is based on a belief that the body's energy or qi, circulates through channels or meridians.  An imblance or interruption of qi is believed to cause disease.  Acupuncturists seek to restore balance and energy flow by inserting needles at points where meridians come to the surface of the skin. 
When needles are inserted at pressure points, energy and endorphins are released. Minor trauma improves blood flow and stimulates cell re-growth as well as encourages the production of natural, healing collagen, which is the protein the body uses to keep the skin elastic and youthful. 

How long do the sessions take?

While acupuncture sessions for other ailments can last 30 to 45 minutes and involve 20 to 40 needles, facial treatments can take up to 90 minutes and as many as 60 needles may be used.

Why does the practitioner work on other areas other than the face?  

The acupuncturist has to be able to access the feet and hands because they contain calming and cleansing meridians.  Before the face can be worked on these areas need to be activated. Needles between toes target the kidneys and cleanse the system by increasing blood flow around the body. The needles in the legs help the energy to flow to the digestive system which can be sluggish and cause a grey complexion.

What to expect during and after a session?

Very fine needles will be tapped around the hairline, mouth, and between the eyebrows.  The blood flow and oxygen will be increased in these areas and the skin will plump out and regenerate.  It is very relaxing and a very good night's sleep can be expected.  After just 2 or 3 sessions you can expect to see results including a healthy glow, plumper cheeks, forehead unfurrowed and the lines around the mouth less visible.  

What is the Overall Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture?

The focus is on improving the skin health and giving skin an overall glow, but it does incorporate traditional acupuncture which works to de-stress and calm the body.  The appearance of the skin is connected to the state of one's health, so it's important to balance the mind, body and spirit.
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