Acupuncture For Hand & Fingers Pain

Our hands and thumbs are what set as apart from every other living creature on the planet, which is why we should exert special care in ensuring they are protected, pain-free, and able to act with agile dexterity.

Therefore, since our hands play such a pivotal role in our everyday, they are often the victims of pain, discomfort, sprains, and arthritis, doing the best they can to endure the wear and tear we place on them every single day. Not to mention, with the new age of texting and typing, our hands are undergoing serious stress that they never used to have to weather in centuries past. Specifically with carpal tunnel, known as the inflammation of the ligaments and tendons, as well as the median nerve, connecting our hands to our forearms, know you are not alone if you are someone that experiences hand pain.

We’re going to look at the benefits of acupuncture for treating this hand pain, as a non-invasive alternative solution that opens up nerve pathways and blood flow in the afflicted region.

Hand Acupuncture

Practiced for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Chinese civilizations, acupuncture was administered to open up the meridian energy flows in our body. When these meridians are blocked, our body is not able to restore itself to homeostasis, which the Chinese believe is where the pain was created. Thousands of years later, this practice is still in existence due to the tangible evidence that it really works and provides pain relief in our nerves and affected arthritis. Our hands are no different, which is why we’re going to look at the experience of hand acupuncture below.


I think my carpal tunnel is in my hands as well. Is that possible?

Although carpal tunnel generally is an irritation in the forearm and wrist, the pain can extend into the palm of your hand and even your fingers. Carpal tunnel occurs when the median nerve is compressed at the wrist where it passes through a window bordered by bone below and to the sides. When the space becomes too tight, generally due to swelling and inflammation, the median nerve becomes compressed, causing the numbness and pain that is extending into your hands and fingers.


What are the benefits of using acupuncture for my hand pain?

Acupuncture is primarily used for pain control, providing local anti-inflammatory effects at the wrist, while addressing the larger structural set-up for the local wrist problems. The practice achieves this through the opening of meridian energy points using tiny, topical needles that are strategically placed according to the nervous system. These needles are able to let out pent up tension and build-up at the pain points, which therefore enables the nerves to flow freely again, while also welcoming blood blow back into the region.

With regular circulation again, our bodies are able to process our inflammation more effectively. Our blood deliveries nutrients and oxygen to the regions, that therefore help our systems to fight against the irritation and stiffness. Not to mention, our blood flushes out the toxins and other unwanted materials that can build up at the site.


How do I know if I have hand arthritis?

Arthritis most commonly develops in the joints of the hands and fingers, making it hard to use the hands as they were once intended. If you find the function and performance of your hands are not able to meet traditional standards without excruciating pain, you are probably suffering from hand arthritis.



Can acupuncture cure my carpal tunnel?

Although no surgery or acupuncture treatment can make the claim that it can completely cure an irritation or tear in the arm or wrist, studies have confirmed that acupuncture is the safest method for alleviating carpal tunnel pain and discomfort today: Acupuncture does this by opening the nerve channel that connects the hand to the forearm, which can become compressed due to the swelling of the tendons and ligaments in the region. Essentially, acupuncture can cure hand and wrist pain without the dangers of invasive surgeries.


What about electro-acupuncture for my hand pain?

Through pulsated electrical currents within the acupuncture treatment, this modern day approach to meridian opening is also a viable alternative for your hand pain and carpal tunnel. Another study reported by TIME Magazine confirmed this kind of acupuncture is a non-invasive and valuable way to treat the pain and irritation within the hand:


How often do I need to receive acupuncture treatment for it to be effective in my hand?

Remember: no two people are the same, which is why your acupuncture schedule might not be the same as someone else you know. However, generally, we work with individuals multiple times per week, on a 1-2-month schedule, to start measuring and witnessing results. At the end of that session, we evaluate the results together, and work to create a future plan that is right for everyone involved.


Is acupuncture right for me and my hand pain?

Due to its non-invasive nature and holistic basing, acupuncture is a safer treatment alternative when compared to medications, drugs, and surgeries. No added chemicals or toxins are added to the body; no sedatives are administered; no anesthesia is required; and no expensive surgeries are necessary to witness the results. It’s an option for everyone, no matter your age or medical history.


Does acupuncture really work for hand pain?

Numerous studies of acupuncture on hand pain and in general have confirmed that acupuncture is an effective pain relief alternative to surgery and addictive medications. One study in particular was able to articulate the benefit of acupuncture for hand pain on RA patients, demonstrating the tangible pain relief these individuals felt when compared to the controlled counterparts by the end of the study:

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