Acupuncture For Hip Pain

Hip pain is no small or rare occurrence, with over 7 million Americans at any given time sporting a hip replacement. As you know, the hip is a generally large area of the body, connecting the torso to the leg. Therefore, hip pain can be felt not only in the obvious hip region, but also in the groin, down the thigh, through the inner knee, buttock, or lower back. Lower back pain, too, can spread into the hip region, manifesting itself as hip pain.

As we get older, our hips endure wear and tear, gravitational pulls, falls, jumps, and trillions of movements as massively important joint regions in our bodies. Without our hips, we wouldn’t be able to walk, stand, run, or generally move around at all, which is why if you are enduring any kind of hip pain and discomfort, you know how debilitating and distracting it can be on a daily basis.

Although hip replacements and big, expensive surgeries can be a path of treatment for mitigating your hip pain and improving your quality of life, what about the non-invasive, holistic-based treatments that can help alleviate the pain now and into the future? That’s where the practice of hip acupuncture comes into the picture.


Acupuncture For Hip Health Issues

Acupuncture for treating hip pain has a long treatment history, being used to support everything from Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, Piriformis syndrome, Superior clunel neuritis, Sciatica, and so forth. Dating back thousands of years to ancient Chinese and Indian cultures, acupuncture was used to alleviate pain through pressure points, opening up vessels for the body to relax while restoring energy flows within the body as these cultures came to believe.

We are going to look at the biggest questions patients have when pursuing an acupuncture form of therapy.


Is acupuncture for hip issues invasive or dangerous?

Contrary to popular belief, although needles are inserted into the skin, it’s a topical and shallow insertion that constitutes a non-invasive approach to pain relief. That makes it safer, healthier, and more accessible than surgeries, medications, and experimental drugs that can be bad for your body.


How many acupuncture sessions do I need to make to start feeling hip pain relief?

Although every person is different, we recommend making acupuncture a part of your weekly schedule for a few weeks to witness the fullest extent of its pain relieving results.


What is the acupuncture plan of action to treat my hip pain?

Generally, a 4-step system is followed when administering acupuncture to the hip region. The first and second steps include most of the antique points in traditional acupuncture, such as the jing-well and the shu-stream points. It is common for doctors to include these points for hip symptomatic treatment. Next, treating internal organ imbalances near the hip region is also considered. Lastly, the local and adjacent points are targeted, like trigger and motor points, which are located precisely at the site of traditional acupuncture points.


What is causing my hip pain? Why can acupuncture help it?

Chronic hip pain is the degeneration of the articular surface of the joint. It’s also known as a “wear and tear” injury that could not have been presented. You are probably experiencing pain in the hip, glutes, and thigh region, as well as in the groin region. There is also probably a referred pain to the anterior aspect of the pelvis in the inguinal region. When your thigh is rotated (moved), that is probably when you are experiencing the most pain.

We target these regions with acupuncture, honing in on the ahshi points in the gluteal region. Through acupuncture administration, blood stagnation and closed channels are reopened to help the surrounding organs and overall healing ability of the region on your body.


What is the general acupuncture treatment schedule for hip pain?

Should you elect to pursue hip acupuncture, we recommend treatment multiple times per week for four to six weeks, then a reevaluation is provided. Since there are degenerative changes to the joint, ongoing acupuncture might be a typical schedule you can expect when trying to decrease and manage the pain. 


What are the top 3 benefits of pursuing hip acupuncture?

There are dozens of reasons why acupuncture is a superior treatment method for pain rooted in the hip, but our top 3 beneficial picks include:

  • Avoidance of dangerous and toxic medications that can be addictive and degenerative for other parts of your body
  • Flexibility to continue with your schedule while working through your hip pain
  • Avoidance of dangerous surgeries that involve heavy machinery and anesthesia


Is acupuncture right for me?

Acupuncture is a universal medical treatment that is beneficial for every person, no matter their present weight, health, or age. Used on every member of ancient societies, this historic practice is still a holistic solution that is worth considering in our lives today. If you want to know more about hip acupuncture and why you should try it, feel free to give us a call for a consultation. We would be happy to explain, more in depth, what you can expect with this treatment course.


Has acupuncture been medically confirmed to provide hip pain relief?

Yes, numerous studies have proven that acupuncture is a viable way to provide immediate and long-term pain relief to those dealing with hip discomfort: Acupuncture can be used on more than the hip, providing pain relief for A to Z variances of discomforts and physical debilitations. Through a historic approach to medicinal relief, tapping into the nervous system and pain points with strategic needling placement, acupuncture is able to provide a holistic solution that is not available at a drug store or pharmacy.



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